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        • 2024-5-22 9-37-13.png
          Trading up: Elevating every individual
          Despite this mutually beneficial dynamic, some quarters have resorted to protectionist measures such as imposing additional tariffs and subsidizing their own industries, and charged China with "overcapacity."
        • Teamwork Triumphs
          During a trilateral meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in the French capital of Paris, visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping reaffirmed a simple fact: China-EU cooperation is "complementary and mutually beneficial."
        • W020240506419466948368.jpg
          Population close-up
          China's total population dropped for a second consecutive year in 2023, adding fuel to an ongoing demographic debate. In this context, it is important to take a closer look by observing shifting demographics across the country's provinces
        • W020240428482355733283.jpg
          Ironing out the red carpet
          China is making efforts to address the inconveniences international visitors may face during their stay. The new initiatives are making travel around China, and within its cities, simpler and more convenient
        • 20240419ffc7c6ad2a7743faa245e1c1ff4e904d_202404194ca914898baf4683bb5d41d8e1193b3b.jpg
          Revolutionizing realities
          Despite recent concerns about China's economic prospects, the world's second largest economy looks set to maintain growth
        • 2024-4-15 12-56-5.png
          Interconnected, interdependent
          Through this inter-civilizational dialogue, China has contributed its ideas to other civilizations and at the same time benefited from their merits
        • W020240408430869865614.jpg
          Making translation smarter
          The development of AI translation technology is expediting with the requirement for from both market and users
        • W020240329686348934831.jpg
          Challenges and responsibilities
          China's transition into new phase of development brings new opportunities.
        • W020240326666082370853.jpg
          Free to develop
          Xizang has embarked on a new path of modernization alongside the rest of the nation
        • 2024-3-21 10-8-26.png
          Full-spectrum support
          Measures concerning infrastructure,education, healthcare abd employment has been carried out to boost Xinjiang's development
        • 0305AJ27.jpg
          Annual political sessions emphasize stable progress
          China aims for a GDP growth rate of around 5 percent in 2024
        • 1608bec29f8f40d6b8a06430d1c87b2f.jpg
          Time for the Two Sessions
          China's major political gatherings, which consists of the NPC and CPPCC National Committee are coming this month, behold the latest drafts from committee members
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        Trading up: Elevating every individual
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